If you are a watch aficionado or at least have friends who have multiple watches, then you may have heard them bemoaning the difficulty of manually maintaining their multitude of watches. If you want to grab your watch and go, and if you haven’t worn that particular watch in a while, you will have to wind and set the watch for it to work correctly. For your friends who have multiple watches, but no time to do the maintenance they require, then you should consider gifting them a watch winder. Since watch winders are more of a convenience than a necessity and not something that people will necessarily buy for themselves, keep this product in mind when wondering what to gift to your watch-loving friends. One company, Watch Box Co., sells a variety of watch winders for you to peruse through.

What is a Watch Winder?

Watch winders ( are devices that are used to ensure that automatic watches continue to run even when they are not being worn. Automatic watches wind themselves up through a moving weight inside the watch, and the weight rotates or swings while the watch is worn. As you go about your day, and generally move your arms about, the movement turns the winding mechanism inside the watch. Along this same vein, when the watch is not worn, it no longer receives power through motion and will eventually stop working entirely. Most automatic watches can be wound, but this isn’t always convenient for the watch wearer - which is why automatic watch winders were born. Having your automatic watch wound and running on a winder keeps the oils within properly dispersed - and is essential for the longevity of your watch. A similar analogy would be that you do not keep your car sitting for months, or years, at a time without running it! Automatic watches can never be overwound by a winder since all automatic watches contain a particular mainspring that will never reach the end of the spring. Almost all winders run on a timer: they operate for a couple minutes, rest for a bit, then restart their motion again. Your winder will never be constantly running since your watch does not need constant winding.

Should You Get a Watch Winder?

If you have one or more automatic watches, or if one of your friends is, then a watch winder might be a good idea, both for you and as a surprise gift for your friend. A huge benefit of a watch winder is the fact that it will keep your watch on time and ready to wear the second you need it - so there’s no need for you to be running late while you manually wind your watch! The date and day function will also be functioning correctly, so you will not have to reset your watch whenever you choose to wear it. Winders can also be extremely aesthetically pleasing, and they can even be added as an exquisite piece of decor in your house. This versatility and usefulness make watch winders a truly excellent gift, either for yourself or for your friend!