Watch Winders

For people who do not wear their automatic watch every day, watch winders are available to store automatic watches and keep them wound. A watch winder is a device that can hold one or more watches and moves them in circular patterns to approximate the human motion that otherwise keeps the self-winding mechanism working. We offer watch winder box and automatic watch winders to keep your watches running. The automatic watch winder also prevents lubricant of the watch from congealing over time, which diminishes accuracy. Check out our range of cheap watch winders.

Whether you have just one mechanical watch in your collection, or a vast selection of luxury timepieces, we have a wide selection of beautifully crafted watch winders for you to choose among. Watch winders are an excellent investment to keep your mechanical watches safe and keep them wound and running smoothly. You want to keep your watch collection in top running condition and to ensure they can’t get damaged or dirty when you aren’t wearing it; our selection of watch winders can keep the dirt and grime away, protect from accidents, while keeping your watch’s internal mechanisms running. 

Make Your Watch Maintenance Easy

Automatic watch winders are important for the proper maintenance of all the mechanical watches in your collection. With the rotation of our automatic watch winders, the small weights inside your watches that normally use wrist motion to put tension on the mainspring can still be kept going while your watches are in storage. The gentle rotation and cushioned surface offered by our watch winders ensures that your watch remains in good running condition, scuff free. 

Can’t I Just Manually Wind My Watch?

You may be wondering why you can’t just rewind your watches after they have run down after being in storage for a long duration. Well, by using our selection of automatic watch winders to keep your watch constantly running, you will prevent the oils and lubricant on the internal mechanisms from drying out, while also helping to prevent future, or permanent, damage. 

Buy One For Yourself or as a Gift

A watch winder is a great gift giving idea for the man in your life that has a beautiful and luxurious mechanical watch collection that he wants to maintain, protect and show off. With watch winders of varying sizes available through our store, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift in the right size to keep your man’s watches in pristine condition. Our watch winders also come in a variety of materials and colors, windowed or windowless, and are beautifully crafted, even offering extra storage for other time pieces, jewelry or cufflinks. We can even personalize a watch winder to suit your gift giving needs. 

The Ultimate Convenience

You may not think that it’s too much of an inconvenience to have to wind up your own watch after its been in storage for too long and has died down, but once you start having a larger collection you’ll find that our automatic watch winders are a boon that saves you time. The more watches you have, the more time it’ll take to wind up all your watches periodically to ensure they are still working. As well, you may have watches that are more complex than basic three-handers, and having to recalibrate the perpetual calendar or moonphase indicators can be a real hassle that can easily be avoided with an automatic watch winder. 

We have a wide selection of watch winders available for you or your watch collecting friends to choose among. Whether you need a watch winder that just has basic timed rotation features, or one that allows you to set the specific rotation speed just right for your watch, we have what you need. 

Many of our watch winders come in with built in IC timers to ensure that your watch gets enough rotation to keep the tension on the mainspring, but doesn’t necessarily rotate all the time. With some models you can select a rotation speed in TPD from 650 up to 1800 revolutions, depending on your watches’ needs. Our automatic watch winders also come with the ability to swap directions of rotation, either automatically or manually depending on the model.