If you or someone you know has a watch collection, you know that it can be hard to keep them all in order, secure, and clean without somewhere secure to store them. The best choice for keeping watches safe, while also being able to show off your collection to friends and visitors, is getting a watch case. A watch box is a stylish and elegant way to show off your watches while also giving them the protection that they need, keeping them in pristine condition while you aren’t wearing them. Most watch boxes are a combination of a display case, secure safe, and storage case, so you can have peace of mind while showing off your watches for your guests to see.

There are so many designs of watch cases that you might have trouble choosing which watch case you want. How many watches do you want to display? What kind of finish on the watch box will fit with the decor in the room you are showcasing them in? What brand should you trust for the protection of your precious collection? There is a wide range with varying price points, which can get fairly expensive, so you want to make the right choice the first time.

Design and Materials

When looking at a watch case that interests you, the design and materials may be what interests you the most; you want your display to be elegant, but also to match the decor of wherever you decide to put it on display. There is a range of materials that watch boxes are made from. If you are looking for something on the cheaper end, you will likely choose something that is made from plastic or a; it’s not very elegant, but it still protects and displays your watches.

On the higher-priced end, you will see watch cases made from solid wood; sometimes they are exotic woods, and other times they are solid wood covered in high-quality leather or synthetic leather. Solid wood is worth the price if you have the budget for it and want something that is eye-catching.


When it comes to displaying your collection, the size of the watch case you decide to purchase is going to matter. If you have a large number of watches, you are going to want a larger watch case that can display all of them. Although you may not want to display all of your watches at once, you may keep some of your more expensive ones in a safe, or you may have certain watches you no longer use and have stored away. No matter how many watches you have, Watch Box Co has the right size of box for you, whether it’s two or up to 100. When looking for a watch case, pay careful attention to how many it can handle.

Brand Name

Like many more luxurious items, brand name does matter. A brand name is often popular because of the quality, and there are many manufacturers for the watch case industry, so you should spend some time researching each brand name to find out whether they are known for lower quality watch cases or better quality. Watch Box Co is known throughout the industry for their high-quality watch cases. Reviews are your main source of information; people who have purchased the products can tell you what they have experienced themselves in using them.

Extra Features

When selecting your perfect watch case, look for extra features that may interest you, such as extra drawers, mirrors, or space for other items like pens and jewelry. You could save some money by displaying your watches and jewelry all in one case.

If you are looking for high-quality watch cases with many designs and to work with any size of watch collection, check out the selection available from Watch Box Co.