Shopping for someone that seems to already have everything can be tricky. You want to give them something that is meaningful, stylish, and useful. For the watch collectors in your life, consider giving them a watch winder this year.

Why a Watch Winder?

Watch winders are innovative pieces of technology that keep high-end timepieces wound. They simulate movement to keep the self-winding mechanisms working so the watch is always ready to wear.

Top 10 Watch Winders of 2021

1. Single Watch Winders

Single watch winders are perfect for someone with a small watch collection. They come in a variety of designs to match any style. Some include features like LED lighting and/or additional storage for the rest of the watch collection.2. Diplomat Rogue Double Watch Winder with Carbon Fiber Pattern Accent

This gorgeous double winder is powered by a silent Japanese Mabuchi motor. The curved design with clear front window allows you to showcase your watches while they are being wound.3. Diplomat Black Edition Double Watch Winder with LEDs

This Diplomat Phantom edition combines a high-tech winder with unmatchable style. It is a single winder, but it includes storage space to display three additional watches.4. Diplomat Black Carbon Fiber Pattern Single Watch Winder with Additional Storage

Store up to 6 additional watches while winding one in this sleek and compact Diplomat watch winder. The design is inspired by the racing world with its carbon fiber pattern and stitched red accents.5. Diplomat Black Edition Four Watch Winder with LEDs

The Diplomat Phantom LED Lit Black Wood Finish Quad Watch Winder features 4 winders with additional storage for up to 5 watches as well as smart internal bi-directional timer controls. LED interior lights elegantly showcase your watches while they wind.The Best Winders

For the most luxurious and accurate winders, look at everything we offer at Watch Box. Our winders are powered by Japanese Mabuchi motors, which are both silent and highly precise. They also feature pre-programmed turns per day settings which prevent over-winding. These high-end winders are designed to perfectly wind without placing an unnecessary strain on your watches. Click here for more details.