The beauty and luxury of a precision timepiece is unmatched. Keeping your collection in top condition and ready to wear at all times should be a priority. One way to ensure that your favorite watches are working well and always wound is by using a specialty watch winder. These unique accessories help to protect your investment for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Caring for Luxury Watches

You’ve invested a lot into your luxury watch collection. You need to make sure that you protect each piece and make sure it is ready to wear whenever you are. Watch winders are designed to keep your automatic watch wound.

Most luxury watches are self-winding and use the movement of your body while you are wearing them to wind themselves. But what if you don’t wear your watch every day or you have a collection of watches? That’s where a watch winder comes in. These specialty accessories mimic the movement of your body in order to keep the watch wound and the time accurate, even when you aren’t wearing it.

Not only do winders keep your timepieces accurate, but they also help to protect and preserve the delicate moving parts within the watch. Keeping your watch running makes sure that the lubricants inside are moving so they don’t clog the internal components. Using a watch winder can actually extend the life of your watch.

Choosing the Right Watch Winder

There are a number of watch winders available. Choosing the right one for your collection depends on a few factors.

1)  Capacity

At Watch Box Co., we carry a wide range of watch winders that can accommodate a single timepiece or multiples all the way up to 32 watches. Some winders keep all the watches winding at the same time, while others offer a few winding slots as well as a number of storage slots. Choose the winder capacity that works for the size of your collection.

2)  Aesthetic

You want your watch winder to display your watch collection in a beautiful way. That’s why we carry winders in a range of finishes and styles. Choose a simple bedside winder to match your bedroom aesthetic or a larger vault-style winder to display your impressive collection. A gorgeous winder displaying your impressive collection can be a stunning addition to your home décor.

3)  Programmable Settings

When shopping for the perfect watch winder, make sure to look closely at the programmable settings. You need to be able to set the right type of winding. Look for a winder that has both a programmable direction as well as speed.

4)  Security

Your watch collection is an investment, and your watch winder should help you to protect it. Choose a winder that is made of a sturdy material like carbon fiber and is lockable.

Quality You Can Trust

Here at Watch Box Co., we understand how important your luxury timepiece collection is. Our selection of watch winders are designed to keep your investment in great condition and ready to wear. Click here to learn more.