The function of watches has changed rather drastically since they first became widespread. Rather than using a watch as a tool to tell time, many people now use them as status symbols, or as decorative pieces to go with their wardrobes. In fact, many people now own multiple watches, whether or not they use them as a status symbol - some people simply like wearing many different styles of watches. For people with many watches, or with just one that they don’t wear often, an automatic watch winder is a must-have.

What is a Watch Winder?

An automatic watch winder is an electric or battery-powered tool that keeps automatic watches wound through vibration and rotary technology; basically, it’s a stylish case that keeps your automatic watch ticking. These types of watches run as long as you wear them, and they have a battery life of a couple of days. If you don’t wear your automatic watch fairly consistently, then it will stop functioning due to the lack of movement. To avoid having your automatic watch die, you need to store it in an automatic watch winder. This tool correspondingly rotates the watch to how it would move on your wrist, and it keeps your watch fully wound and ready to wear.

Due to watches becoming a status symbol and people owning more than one watch, automatic watch winders provide a beautiful way to display your collection while ensuring the functionality of your pieces. Watch Box Co., has some stunning automatic watch winders that will be sure to catch your eye.

What are the Advantages of Owning a Watch Winder?

There are numerous benefits to buying an automatic watch winder, such as:

1. Extending your watch’s life. Well-designed watches can last for years as long as they are kept wound. These types of watches also must undergo maintenance every couple of years, but maintenance alone won’t prevent the gradual degradation of the watch’s gears. However, so long as your watch is continually running (i.e. on your wrist or consistently moving in an automatic watch winder), it will self-lubricate, which helps prevent the wear and tear of the watch’s gears. This, in turn, ensures your watch is at its best and isn’t languishing away in a pretty, but ultimately useless, display case.

2. You will save money in the long run. When you keep your luxury watches in an automatic watch winder, you won’t need to send your watch in for repairs as often. The self-lubrication ensures that the gears are running smoothly and efficiently, and all you need to do is occasionally dust the watch winder!

3. Protecting your watches. Automatic watch winders aren’t solely a functional tool; they also offer a safe space to store your valuable watches. Some watch winders even come with pillowed drawers to ensure that your watches don’t get unnecessarily scuffed or dinged. There are also separate areas for each watch, so they won’t be nestled too closely to one another, thereby reducing the risk of damage even more!

Your watches will never be as well protected or functional as they will be when they are stored safely in an automatic watch winder.