What is a Watch box?

When it is time to take your watch off, where does it go? In a drawer of the nightstand or on the counter? Growing up, people had multiple watches, one for fancy occasions, an everyday watch, and watches for a unique occasion or special style of watch. A watch or a collection of watches must be seen on the wrist and displayed when not being worn. A watch box is more than just a box to store your watch in, it is a display to show off your masterpieces. Our watch boxes can also be designed with drawers for storage of extra bands, batteries, and other accessories.

What Is A Watch Box Made Of?

One of the most common styles is a wooden box. These boxes are made from exquisite wood, including rosewood, mahogany, and ebony. The variety of wood creates its unique look from the swirls and grains of each style.

Watch boxes also come in leather. The soft leather cases are created with exceptional stitching designs. With a variety of colors and designs, there is a leather case that matches the uniqueness of your timepiece.

Watch boxes can also be made from carbon fiber. A display case made with carbon fiber creates a stunning look from the exterior to the interior.

The interior of the watch box needs to be as elegant as the exterior. Our watch boxes use suede and leather to present your watches. The stitching of the interior provides an additional eye-appealing design.

Watch boxes must be functional; they need to be more than just a holding place for your watch. Many of our boxes have drawers to hold accessories, compartments for other jewelry, and room for multiple watches. Some have a concealed lid that can be opened to display your timepiece, while others have a glass cover so that your treasured pieces are always on display.

Why Are Our Watch Boxes a Great Gift?

It is an honor to receive a gift. A watch box as a gift is beautiful and practical. More than just the color and style of the wood exterior and the fabric of the interior, watch boxes can be customized to make them personal. Each box can be engraved in a variety of styles. There is a unique watch box for each person on every occasion.

Stop hiding your watches in a drawer or laying them around. Your timepiece needs to be protected and displayed. Giving a unique custom watch box is giving a gift that is as exceptional as the recipient. Create your masterpiece for their timepiece and learn about our other great gifts for those who appreciate the traditional watch by clicking here.