If you are a lover of beautiful timepieces and have a collection of automatic watches, then the simple truth is that a watch winder will protect and preserve them and keep them working even when they are not being worn. An automatic watch needs to be worn because they stay wound through the movement and rhythms of the body. However, you can’t wear more than one watch at a time, and if you have more than one, they all still need to be kept going. This is the reason why having a watch winder is essential to the collection. There are other advantages as well.

What Powers an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch does not need a battery, a USB charging station or solar power. It works and keeps time with the energy and movement of the wearer. The great advantage to having this kind of watch is that they are self-winding, but if they are not worn daily, it starts to run down, slow down and it will soon stop altogether. A watch winder keeps it powered while it is not being worn. The main mechanism inside an automatic watch is a tightly wound mainspring that powers the other components through movement. It does not need to be wound like a mechanical watch, but it does need to be kept moving. That movement is usually up to the wearer. Wear the watch, move your arms when walking and the rotor inside the watch spins, keeping the watch wound.

How Does the Watch Winder Do It?

A watch winder is a box to store automatic watches when they are not being worn. The watch box keeps the watch safe by mimicking the movements of the wearer. Any watch will stop if it is not worn, or attended to, and the watch winder keeps it in the best condition. If an automatic watch is not worn for a period of time, the lubricant inside it can congeal and damage the mechanisms so that the watch will not work again. A watch winder is a display box to keep the watch in, but more than that, it protects the watch as well. Watch winders slowly rotate the watch on a turntable in the same way as human movement. As the winder rotates the watch, the watch spins and the mainspring stays active.

An Automatic Watch is A Collectible

One watch winder box can store more than one watch. In fact, a watch winder is a beautiful addition to the collection. If you have more than one automatic watch, you can’t wear more than one at a time, and if you have a collection of watches, you want to keep them working, protected, and admired for a long time. The watch box is more than a display case as well. The automatic watch winder box will keep the investment of the collection so that they can be passed down as heirlooms. A watch winder is something that will give peace of mind and keep those beautiful watches working.