Once you have started a watch collection, it may become a small addiction, collecting more of them as you find designs that interest you. But many people don’t think about how to properly store their watches; you want to keep them in pristine condition, not getting dusty sitting around or becoming lost in a drawer somewhere. That’s where a watch box comes in; an excellent accessory for your watches that can keep them safe and secure, and that can even showcase them to your friends and family. Although some watches come with a box, they are generally not very functional, only housing a single watch most of the time. There are many styles of watch boxes, though, as well as different materials and functionalities, so there may be a few things you need to know before buying one for your watch collection.

What is a Watch Box?

The first thing you should know is what a watch box is. Well, it’s a container that is going to store your watches. It can be made of various materials, but the end effect is the same: securing your watches from damage or prying eyes. Watch boxes serve multiple functions, though; if it includes a glass or acrylic window, it can be used as a display case, or it can include spots or drawers for storing other jewelry you want to secure or show off.

Why You Need a Watch Box

Protecting your watches should be your primary concern when it comes to storing them away. If you try to store a watch loose in a drawer, or just by setting it on a shelf or mantelpiece, it can become vulnerable to various sources of damage. A watch jostling in a drawer will eventually start to pick up scraps, scratch marks, or scuffs; it will require regular cleaning, or even repair if the damage can’t be just rubbed off. But there are other elements that can affect a watch’s look and functionality that a watch box can protect them from. Humidity, dust, bugs, and other things can get at your watches if they are not protected by a secure case. Being surrounded and sealed tight in a watch box will keep your watches in pristine condition for a long time so that you can enjoy them and show them off to the world (or secret them away.) Also, if you ever drop your watch box, having good quality padding inside can protect your watches.

What Kind of Watch Box Do You Require?

Depending on the size and type of collection you have, you may need a specific type of watch box. If you have a large selection of watches in your collection, there are watch boxes available that can house 50 or even 100 watches at once. If you don’t care about showing off your collection, you may go with a simple box with no windows in it, and conversely, there are many options available for showing off your collection through clear windows in the top of a box. You can also get watch boxes that double as jewelry boxes, in case you want to store or show off a ring or necklace alongside your watch.

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