We often get asked which watch boxes we recommend, so this year we have decided to put together a list of our top 10 favorite watch boxes of 2018.  There are 5 main factors put into consideration; price, overall quality, materials used, design and functionality.  


# 10 

36 Slot Carbon Fiber Pattern Leather Watch Box with Glass Top

This 36-piece carbon fiber pattern watch box can fit your entire collection.  For a box costing $120 that can fit 36 watches and comfortably fit larger men's watches. It's a pretty good deal!  The external design has a black carbon fiber pattern that is leather, alongside fittings that are polished and also comes with a key for locking. The internal design covered with black suede that is subtle and simple to protect your watches.  Overall a good watch box and ranks number 10 on our list.


# 9

Volta Rustic Brown 8 Wood Watch Case with Glass Top

A higher end watch case constructed of quality materials. This watch case has a dark rustic wood finish, styled with a plush black leather interior. Costing $159.95 you will be able to fit 8 of your most valuable watches that will tuck away nicely and look elegant. Included is a glass top that acts as a display to view your watches. If you have a watch that requires solar energy them the glass top is an ideal case for your watches. A key is included in the case to keep watches tightly kept.  Overall an excellent watch box that ranks number 9 on our list.


# 8

Diplomat Genuine Mahogany Wood Watch Box


A classic presentation. Costing $99.95 this watch case has a pristine high gloss mahogany wood finish and lined with a soft charcoal suede inside the box. This case will store 12 watches securely. The watches will be supported by a compartment that has a soft removable cushion. Overall a rich genuine wood watch box with excellent craftsmanship and ranks number 8 on our list.


# 7

Diplomat Carbon Fiber Watch Box with Clear Top

A modern take on a well-constructed watch box with great features and an excellent price. This watch box costing $59.95 is 6 slots with compartments that can hold large watches as well as standard sized watches. The exterior design is carbon fiber pattern leather and included is a clear top to view the watches along with red accent stitching to add a sportier look.  An overall well-constructed watch case for the price which ranks number 7 on our list.


# 6

Diplomat Dark Ebony Wood Watch Box


Our favorite wood 20 piece watch box. This watch box costing $99.95 is a 20 piece that has a stunning ebony wood finish that matches with any home setting. The internal design is a black plush leather and the clear top is great for viewing. There are enough compartments that fit your watch collection safely and securely. This ebony watch case will also have gold fittings that present high quality and adds a richness to the overall box. This box ranks number 6 on our list.


# 5

Black Leather Watch Box with Clear Glass Top




A standard box that gets the job done. The most appealing factor about the classic black leather watch box is the price. Costing only $59.95, it comes in jet black leather with a grey velvet interior. A clear glass top is also included to view watches. It can hold up to 20 watches with each compartment big enough for large watches and a key lock for added security.  Overall a solid watch box for the price which ranks number 5 on our list.


# 4

Volta Rustic Brown 8 Wood Watch Case with Extra Storage Compartment

A modern Luxury watch box, crafted with the highest materials and superior design and functionality.  This box costing $159.95 holds 8 large watches, as well as extra space for other watch accessories. The design is elegant and rich with polished aluminum fittings and the interior is lined with a plush black leather. The box comes with a see-through glass for easy viewing and a key lock for added security. Overall one of our favorite quality watch boxes which ranks number 4 on our list.


# 3

Carbon Fiber Pattern Leather Watch Box with Glass Top



The best bang for your buck! This box costing $77.90 is a 20 piece that includes 2 sections of 10 compartments. 1 section often on the top and another section of 10 in the bottom drawer. The box comes with a key for security and also polished fittings. The design is carbon fiber pattern leather with plush black suede interior and white pillow stitching. A favorite among most men.  A good overall box with great value, which ranks number 3 on our list.


# 2

Diplomat Ebony Wood Watch Box



The little brother of the 20 ebony watch box (# 6). This 10 slot watch box is only $59.95 and styled in a stunning dark ebony wood finish along with a clear top to view your favorite watches. The internal infrastructure holds up to 10 larger men's watches and each compartment keeps the watches tucked in securely. The inside is lined with a soft black leather which comfortably holds all types of watch styles.  Putting value and overall quality in consideration this box ranks number 2 on our list.


# 1

Carbon Fiber Pattern Leather Watch Box with Glass Top

The little brother of the 20 carbon fiber pattern watch box (# 3) Costing $67.90 which is yet another great bang for your buck option. This watch box fits 10 larger mens watches up to 52mm and comes with a glass top that is clear and provides a great view of your collection. The internal design is sturdy and presented in a black suede with white stitching, offering a nice and clean finish. A key is included with the box for locking.  Putting all factors into consideration from price, functionality, size, and materials the 10 piece carbon fiber pattern leather watch box ranks number # 1 on our list.